Monday, 13 November 2017

I've got my paper now

Monday, 13, November 2017. 12:00 pm. 

I'm ending a chapter of my life today
Got all my paper..
Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering
Probably the last time I step a foot here..
5 years..
For some reason I miss all the engineering problems I used to solve..
Maybe I enjoyed being an engineer after all
A year of an unhealthy relationship, abuse can go both ways, you know..
But I was depressed, severely depressed, and insecure, yo.. 
Our kisses behind the chemistry department..
Being together all the time, all the effort you put to make the relationship work.. And your greatest shock when you are cheated on..
1, 2, 3 times? I lost count
Facing her family, arguing that I'm going to be something, that my salary doesn't mean I won't be able to afford a family in the future, 480 pounds.. Ha!
The feeling of guilt you have in any following relationship, that you won't be able give your partner what you previously gave to that one damned "partner"..
Maybe I could've put some effort on engineering, but I've got my paper now, that ship has long sailed..
Maybe if didn't have to think about affording my house, I could've focused on becoming an engineer..
But, wait, I remember now all the time I had to put up with those degenerates in class, all the time I questioned the purpose of solving that shitty problems, I don't don't give a fuck how heat transfers in a piece of cheese, lol..
I'm done with this, I'm moving on to something, hopefully, better..

12:25 pm. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


أنبوب بلاستيكي يتدلي من عضوك ذو جلد المتهلب المتوج بالغرز، ـ
نهايته خرطوم آخر ينتهي بكيس بلاستيكي 
وبدايته مثانتك ذاتها.. ـ

يونيو،25، 2015